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The letter that started it all.

Dear Make A Wish

My name is Geleila Mekonnen and I’m 14 years old ,and I am also a freshman student at Wylie East High School. I am currently diagnosed with a clear cell sarcoma cancer at Dallas children’s Hospital. I have Two siblings they are 13 and 8 years old. So far if I say this mach about me, let me continue to the main purpose of this letter.

First of all I would like to thank you for giving me a chance to fulfill my all time dream. May God bless you and reward you with success. This dream first started when I traveled to Ethiopia in Summer of 2013. That trip opened my eyes to see life on the other side of the world look like. It was heart breaking seeing kids with out basic necessity that I could easily get at home. It also taught me to be grateful for what I have instead of taking it for granted.

It was also sad to see kids going to school with bare feet, wearing one piece of clothing for one whole school year and sometimes more, shortage of school supplies most of my heart ached when I saw their the so called “School” which is made with shade from a tree branches and some have a bench to sit on, but most sit on the hard rock and their black board was hanging on the pole and as you can imagine there are no walls at all.

Since then my mind never went to sleep with out thinking about those kids. Since then I’ve always wanted to establish a foundation to help those kids when I grow up. Again in summer of 2018 I had a chance to travel to LA and on one of those days we were driving to the Hollywood on on one of the streets there were lots of homeless people, and it was also painful to see some people sleeping on the street. Even though it was so heart breaking at least it triggered my interest and forced me to stop waiting and start with what I could.

As soon as we returned home me and my friends started to talk about it and came up with some ideas, until we grow up and be able to start a real foundation we said why not start with what we could, so we decided to put cash on our Christmas wish list and ask for donations. And Yes we were very happy at least able to collect about $300.00 from our Christmas gift and also we gather our old cloths. We also donated the clothes that we collected to the Wylie Christian Care center. Right after this we tried to name our little wish foundation as “KCHT” Kids Can Help Too, but before we go any further my shocking sickness news pose us.

Dear Make A Wish even though I am still suffering in the hospital bed, I want to look beyond my own sickness and contribute by helping other children whose suffering in different way. Going to Disney world or touring around the world may be give me temporary happiness but my real happiness are start by putting my self in others kids shoes.

Dear Make A Wish for the first time when I meet your representatives at my resident, I had a lot in my mind, even tough my always dream is to start a real foundation to help people but I was also stuck in the middle because of my choice I won’t disappoint my parents and siblings. After your representatives left I discuss my real wish with my parents and siblings. Thanks to God they support my idea and told me they will stand with me. So if it is possible my first wish is establishing our little “KCHT” (Kids Can Help Too) to a real foundation to help kids. Please help me out on this and give me pieces of mind.

Thank you

May God bless your services.
Geleila Mekonnen